Formative Pruning

Cutting back branches during the early years of a tree’s growth, to establish a sound branch structure or desired form, and/or to correct defects or weaknesses for example dead, dying or diseased wood. The optimal time period for formative pruning to take place is from October to February as this tends to be the dormant period of most trees. Westfield Trees covers towns and villages in East Sussex and Kent including Hastings, Bexhill, Battle, Rye, Westfield, Brede, Guestling, Etchingham and Ticehurst amongst others.

Formative Pruning – A Case Study

We pruned this young Maple tree in order to give it a more pleasing shape and to take out a few dying branches to lessen the risk of fungi attacking the tree. Because the tree was so young and many of the branches were still very small, we used a pull-saw and secateurs rather than a chainsaw.